Langhe - Piemonte

Our Restaurant



The new Truffle Gourmet restaurant is located at 49 Club Street in Singapore, in the heart of the most fashionable and lively district in the country. Truffle Gourmet specializes in bringing you authentic yet sophisticated and original Italian dishes. Our skilled chef, Takashi Okuno, accents many of his creations with rare and delectable truffles, which we personally select and import from the Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy. Our wide selection of fine imported wines adds yet another layer of flavour and luxury to dining experiences at Truffle Gourmet.


Truffle Caviar


San Maurizio Gourmet’s Truffle Caviar is an exclusive new arrival to the tables of the world. Truffle “Caviar” is made from the juice of the prized black truffle, extracted directly from the truffle as it is cooking. A highly innovative and sophisticated technique is used to transform the juice into small pearls, serving the most refined palates with the quintessence of culinary delights.


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